Generic Cialis

The main active ingredient in Cialis drug – Tadalafil which provides potency for 36 hours. This is the highest possible rate in the world duration of potency support.

  • Tadalafil is intended to address the difficulties associated with erectile dysfunction
  • The absolute leader in terms of duration of action among the drugs to increase potency
  • Excellent tolerability of the male body
  • The onset of erection is possible only when excited
  • Not addictive;
  • You can get Cialis without the prescription


  • Generic Cialis – American quality drug made in India at an affordable price. It is produced in the form of coated tablets. The natural mechanisms of erection arise because of the inflow to the penis of a powerful blood flow. The drug is not as effective as the popular Viagra. The effect of taking the medicine, you can feel after 16 minutes, and the duration of a record 36 hours. Now do not be afraid to miss the long-awaited moment of the sexual encounter.

Dosage and administration:

  • Cialis tablets are taken orally. The optimal dose is 20 mg tablets. Admission is carried out immediately before the coming of sexual intimacy, to the effect does not affect food intake. The minimum time between taking Cialis and sexual activity 16 minutes.
    Within 36 hours, the patient can be performed sexual intercourse after taking Cialis tablets.
    The maximum recommended frequency of admission – once a day.

The use of Cialis for men in elderly age:

For men in elderly age do not required a special selection of dosing. Recommendation for receiving the tablets are the same as for middle-aged men.
The use of Cialis in men have been violated by the kidneys and liver.
Patients who have abnormal liver function and kidney function – the dosage of a specific selection is not necessary.